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Title City County State Country  Language Call Number
Evening Advertiser London England AN66.B67 r. 1096  
Evening Journal London England AN66.B67 r. 1062  
Evening Mail London England AN66.B67 r. 330, 698-704  
Evening Post. ("With news foreign and domestick." London England AN66.B67 r. 120-123, 794-796  
Evening Star London England AN66.B67 r. 1477-1493  
Exact And True Diurnall Of The Proceedings In Parliament London England AN66.B67 r.1202  
Examiner London England AN66.B67 r. 1062  
Examiner, Or, Remarks Upon Papers And Occurrences London England AN66.B67 r.1062  
Express And Evening Chronicle London England AN66.B67 r. 1062  
Extraordinary Newes London England AN66.B67 r.1202  
Extraordinary North Briton London England AN66.B67 r. 1391  
Elan Linselles Tourcoing Nord Department France eng AN58.U55 r.155 no.3
r.326 no.1
r.356 no.6
r.386 no.6
r.413 no.1
r.435 no.6
r.459 no.1
Eiserne Blatter; Wochenschrift fur Deutsche Politik und Kultur. Munich German ger. DD 233 .E5  
ÉLan Dortmund Arnsberg North Rhine-Westphalia Germany eng AN58.U55 r.155 no.4  
Evening news Accra Accra Metropolis District Greater Accra Region Ghana eng AN78.G45 A25 E9  
El Imparcial Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala spa AN64.G9 I5  
Edward Water's Protestant Dublin Intelligence Dublin Dublin Leinster Ireland eng AN71.I7 D8 I65 r. 8  
East African standard Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Kenya eng AN78.K45 N3 E15  
Enfoprensa Mexico City Mexico City Mexico City Mexico eng AN58.U55 r.413 no.2  
Earwig Auckland North Island New Zealand eng AN58.U55 r.155 no.2
r.296 no.5
Estrella De Panama Panama City Panama City Panama City Panama spa AN64.P3 P3 E83  
Estrella De Panama. (Originally Issued As The Spanish Language Section of The Star And Herald.) Panama City Panama City Panama City Panama spa AN64.P3 P3 E8  
Estrella De Panama. (Steamer Edition) Panama City Panama City Panama City Panama spa AN64.P3 P3 E82  
Echo, or, Edinburgh weekly journal Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Scotland AN66.B67 r. 1154  
Edinburgh Theatrical Censor. Edinburgh Scotland PN 2001 .D723