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Title  City County State Country Language Call Number
Exponent. (U. of Alabama, Huntsville) Huntsville Madison Alabama United States eng AN58.U55 r.326 no.3  
Expositor Waynesboro Burke Georgia United States eng AN13.W43 E4  
Expreso Imaginario Cabildo Bahia Blanca Buenos Aires Argentina spa AN58.U55 r.326 no.4  
Express Hicksville Nassau New York United States eng AN58.U55 r.297 no.1
r.126 no.3
r.156 no.1
r.204 no.2,5
Express Patterson Pierce Georgia United States eng AN13.B48 E9  
Express And Evening Chronicle London England AN66.B67 r. 1062  
Extra! ("Bulletin of the Kozmic Energy Church") Providence Providence Rhode Island United States eng AN58.U55 r.29 no.15
r.35 no.9
r.297 no.2
Extraordinary Newes London England AN66.B67 r.1202  
Extraordinary North Briton London England AN66.B67 r. 1391  
Eyes Left. (Travis Air Force Base Air Force Reservists.) San Francisco San Francisco California United States eng AN58.U55 r.35 no.10